Portable Foldable Silicon keyboard

$6.85 $3.50

Portable, Foldable, Flexible, and Waterproof Silicon USB keyboard.



This Silicone Flexible Keyboard is highly portable and can be rolled up for Storage or Transportation.The soft silicone allows for silent typing, making it ideal for travel and many work environments.


1.Waterproof & Cleanable Keyboard ,it can easily be wiped clean or washed with soap and water.

2.Silent Keys

3.Dirt & Dustproof

4.The keyboard is lightweight,ultra-slim and very compact.

5.USB Connector For PS2 Socket Adaptor

6.Compatible for Windows 7/8/ Vista/XP/2000 /Me/ 98SE and For Sony For PS2



1.109 Keys

2.Cable Length :120cm

3.Size (LxW): 47cm x 13.3cm

4.Color: Black


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